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Business Tax Planning & Compliance

In an ever-changing tax environment, effective business tax planning requires constant vigilance.

Kulzer & DiPadova, P.A. has vast experience providing tax planning and compliance services. There is a complex relationship between business and personal goals and the tax laws. These issues make planning a challenge. To develop a sound business and personal tax plan for our clients, we work closely with each client and the client’s accounting, financial and insurance advisers. Several of the firm’s attorneys are also Certified Public Accountants.

In an ever-changing tax environment, effective business tax planning is a constant effort. We constantly review changes in tax laws to determine if an entity restructure is needed, take advantage of available benefits or to avoid negative changes. Advanced tax planning and sound legal advice allow our clients to minimize the tax cost of growing their businesses.

We assist clients, their accountants and advisors in dealing with federal and state tax audits or proposed adjustments to tax liabilities to make sure the client does not pay more than the current amount of tax. A client’s business organization, business transactions and business contracts together create the overall financial picture of their company. We review proposed transactions, address how they will affect a client’s tax liabilities and recommend the most beneficial structure or timing of a proposed business transaction.


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